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    Cosmetea是以“茶”为核心打造的东方护肤品牌, 以千百年的品茶文化为灵感,将东方茶道中以茶修身之道带给人的静心凝神之效,赋予到肌肤护理之中。


    Cosmetea is a skin care brand in the East which values "Tea" as the core element. The inspiration is based on the tea culture over thousands of years. The peace and focusing effects, which comes from the way of cultivating both body and spirit in Eastern tea ceremony, are put into the care for skin.

    As to creative idea, we get inspiration from tea sets, which have more than thousands of years history in the East, and Gongdao mug, which serves tea. The upper half of bottle is made as similar as the mouth of Gongdao mug, and skin care treasure flow out from the bottle then. Meanwhile, We get inspiration from tea sets of plum bloosom appearance design from ancient time, to shape the bottle body as plum bloosom. From now on, skin care is just like drinking tea, and perfect skin will be repaired every day.